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Day 1

Can I really call it day one? Maybe "the day I finally had a moment". I was with the army sent over as part of a relief effort. Our plane experienced some mechanical issue I know this from the violent and erratic flying,by our otherwise rock steady pilot. Grabbing a chute and diving out the door. I couldn't see any other chutes as I glided to the ground. Just a trail of smoke. Apart from that it was an easy enough landing.
Middle of nowhere and no gear. Follow the planes smoke trail and look for survivors or hold out? Z wasn't around so maybe good to hold. But not sure if we got a mayday out or not. I'm gonna follow the smoke trail for as long as it's still there. Only took an hour for the smoke to disappate,but at least I got a heading. I figure the plane went straight to the ground. I spent the first night in the trunk of a car. So that Z couldn't see or find me. It was incredibly uncomfortable and crazy ass cold. I think I slept some. Sure didn't seem like it though. As soo as I could se the smallest hint of daybreak through the cracks of the trunk,I was off. I finally found the wreck.. No survivors even if there were at the time I doubt they would have made it long. Z had already been swarming around the wreckage. So here. I sit,in a bush watching the dead watch each other. Not sure what to do next.

Well I have established a camp. Seems to be hidden pretty good (I lost it a few times myself) I watched the area and scouted around it to be sure it was realatively free of z's. Pretty nice, I've gathered some gear to help farm and tan leather. Now to find some big game or the newly liberated cows. Can't imagine how long and how many rabbits it would take to make something useful. My uncle having taught me of the outdoors as a kid will be paying off huge. (Thank you Rick. I can only hope you survived too) I found a couple batteries scavenging today, maybe I can find a radio. Safer to make contact that way than face to face and risk being shot.
I seen a few places today that lead me to believe the people were killing one another rather than z... I'm so out of the "loop" no idea how this is effecting home or even right here where I stand. I haven't seen any people yet so I may be worried about a whole lot of nothing.

It has been some time since I've wrote anything down. Be it from lack of effort,care,or I had no dam pen! Horrible storm just decimated my camp beyond usefulness. So depressing I've just relocated entirely. Still I'm "alive".
I finally went by the airfield. I almost envy z. The storm that nearly wiped me out and took the wind out of my sails ( no pun intended). Didn't phase them, or at least that's the way it seemed. I did see some of them impaled on branches a clean 10 feet in the air. Comical yes but awestruck at the intensity of the wind. Nothing of importance to be found but then again,I wasn't going through every square inch. To painful in many ways. One,it reminds me of the world and my army life before,and the second "painful way" if I'm head down looking, Z or another looter could take me out. I only pray humanity can come back from this. Hell! I hope I can come back from this.

Running... That's all I've done for a week. But at last today is the day. If I never have to walk or run further than to take a shit I'll die a happy man. My hands are filthy. Bloody busted knuckles. It has been a long up hill struggle. Every inch was hard fought but at last I did it. I lost count of the zombies I've killed. This has to be what it was like to build the pyramids. Again, I did it!! Slowly and carefully in wrap the ever so rare cargo. Reaching down I slowly turn making sure all is square straight plum and in line. There "it's in". I take a moment sitting there basking in my seemingly impossible tasks achievement. Reaching up with profound pride, extreme dread,and a prayer I twist it with my hand as the metal beast roars to life. A car. Taken for granted by most in the past life now the rarest thing around.
It's loud. Really really loud! It sounds like it should sound. Like I remember but with the absolute silence of the world of the dead. This thing is a BEAST!!!
I think the infected are offended by something louder than they are. It's as the car was a large rock thrown into a puddle,and all the roamers are the water rushing back to fill the void. I didn't think this town could have so many. Just gonna throw the hammer down and haul ass.

I was on a hunting trip, not sure the name of the town. I don't speak let alone read Russian. I think it started with a z. It had a military base/station at the southern end. It was dusk. I was in town running to find a suitable sleeping spot,and a zombie jumped up on me.followed by another and another. I was now running for my life. As murphys' law would have it, POW!,gun shots firing.bob and weave keep,keep running! Legs went from on fire to numb. Stomach is flipping end over end. Have to wait to throw up. No time now. I got clear and posted up on a hill south east of town. Used my deer rifle scope to back and see what there was. Who it was. Scanning I see some one about block behind where I was being shot at... Did he try to kill me? Or was he shooting the creatures? Can't gamble my life on that. I just kept moving.
That was almost a week before meeting the farmers. Don and Melanie farmer. Crazy nice people feels good to know that humanity has not died. Although don nearly did the night we met. Cooking some venison bob ate a piece that Melanie and I believe to be "sketchy" and sure enough he had food poisoning. Managed to get him medicines they had them at their camp,thank god. It was dark and we couldn't see well in the clinic to find meds. They have showed me their camp.which in my opinion is huge in the way of showing trust. I won't say where here in these pages I case this journal is. Pulled from me. I will be returning said trust by showing them my camp. I think and hope I've found my partners/friends to share with.

The farmers moved in !!
As I said the farmers have agreed to move in. It's nice. I can be a smudge bit more "risky" in my behavior. I use that term risky loosely. I can now climb to the lowest tree branch. I can straddle and climb a fence with out thinking ( if I get a sprained ankle I could die) cause i can't get away from a zombie or gather food or water effectively.
The farmers and I have agreed to begin making contact with other living people. We're going to establish a trading post. Most likely we will work on the honor system. Melanie can put up her tomatoes Don and I can put the furs and leathers up. Need to figure a good location. I have one in mind but will need to go and scope it out. shits getting real Dookie!!

We had a huge camp,the Farmers and I. Someone stole most everything we worked for. I was distraught for a few days after. It's funny how you can start to feel at home when you have good company and a full belly. It had become home. I mean my home away from my real home, back in the states. It's in limbo. Sure all logic says it's gone too,but you hold out hope that it's ok there and when I finally find a way I'll make it back and all will be good. Just another duty station. Finish this tour and get my ass home. This camp OUR camp was good. Comfortable and some no count lazy mother fucker took it. Before? The outbreak was anonymous, who can you blame? No one. just deal the best you can,But this person gave me something to focus my hate, my fears."oh god please let me find this mother fucker". I calmed down and a few days went by. Don and I were rolling down the highway. I spot a car on the road. I tell Don "that's new since we came through!" I maintain speed and as soon as we pass the car I see a man run across the road. I pull up far enough for me a Don to get out. I grab my rifle and Don begins to call out "hello? Can you hear me?" This guy isn't stopping! He's in his car backing up trying to turn around. POW!! I fire one over the roof of the car. He still isn't stoping. Ok POW I shoot at the tire. Missing. I fire again. This time the car stops. '' I killed him or the car." I said out loud jokingly and secure in my aim to Don. Don began to approach the car. I fired two more rounds one into each now stationary tires. Making sure he can't go anywhere. We get up to the car,"holy *****! I shot him!" I didn't mean to shoot him!" I explained to Don. Stunned and unable to mutter any words except" I didn't mean to hit him" this poor s.o.b. Was just trying to leave and survive. Two men in a car with rifles stopping to talk to you. What the ***** do you think he would do?! He survived this long,he's not stupid I thought to my self. Your out numbered you leave. Why in the hell did I have such a hard on to stop him?! I reflect on it,and I think I wanted him to be the guy that robbed us. Now that I killed some one who most likely didn't do it! But even if he had I forgave them just after squeezing the trigger. Who ever it was needed the supplies more than us anyway. I hope they carry on and maybe they can pay it forward. We buried the body on the side of the road. I still stop buy as I go hunting. I spend a lot more time out and away from camp now. ''Hunting.

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