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Please read all of the below.

Please read all the requirements or you will not be accepted into Fight the Dead Fear the Living community.

  1. Create a forum account.
  2. Activate your account from email sent from our server. If you are having issue activating your account please see the Email forum here
  3. Read the forum rules here and follow them. You will be given 5 warnings then your account will be suspended until we review your violations.
  4. Fill out the whitelist application here.
  5. Read the server rules here and follow them! Failure to follow server rules might get you banned.  We may change the server rules if necessary at anytime please periodically check or follow the Rule forum for any updates. Please see the Trial Event here if you are temporarily  suspend or banned.
  6. You need to download teamspeak. You can download that here and log into the teamspeak here.

You may get your DAYZ GUID here.

After you have finished with your application we will review your application within 5 days after it was received. Our staff will let you know if you are accepted through the forum, PM and or by email.

If you are having issues you can PM me or the staff in TS or in the forum and we can assist you.

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