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the TSUNAMI : its a new day

[Image: l2YqJDE.jpg]
Hello Survivors, this weekend embarks on a new journey. A Tsunami is heading towards Chernarus; rapidly fast. Pack your bags and get your asses to Berizino High School. The doors will be open to all Chernarus Survivors starting at 9 pm central time. *BRING EVERYTHING YOU CAN!! We need as much supplies as possible!!. Hope to see you there. YOU WONT SURVIVE OUTSIDE THESE DOORS!! 
- Zander Mangum  

\\OOC// White-list is Saturday March 5th. 9 p.m central. With that being said, the current server/charters will be wiped. 
This includes *Charter Wipe *Loot Wipe *Tent/Car Wipe *everything wipe (start from fresh) Its a new day! 
-The Whitelist is the Official Launch of the FDFL Roleplay server! 
-We hope to build a strong organic roleplay community now that we will be officially whitelisted.
Cant wait to see everyone's stories posted on the forum. ( the more the better  Big Grin ) 
Have fun! -stonedcold

its a new day.

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