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3 weeks

Keeping track of time when you are alone in the wilderness is something you just don't think about, but I think it has been about 3 weeks since day 0. I managed to repair a car after running from town to town, what a lot of work. After i fixed the car I started  exploring towards the west, supplies are getting harder to find. Felt good to not run everywhere however, the car is loud and attracks the living dead. Had a bit of car trouble in a small  town on the highway and pulled over to check it out. Surprised and startled I thought I heard a human voice then heard it again, I thought I was finally cracking. Wheew, I'm still sane, it was a real human so I started a cautious conversation with my pistle in hand. Don and I traded supplies and shared a meal. Don mentioned that he lost his wife somewhere towards the east. I thought to myself, she is in alot of trouble. We parted ways and it was getting dark and decided to try the car repairs tomorrow and keep moving east. Laying down on a blood stained bed I closed my eyes and thought, I will try the radio again and hopefully I will contact other survivors.

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