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Video Created by GeneralCrust

“Halloween Tower of Terror 2015”


friday night fights
Fight Night

Friday Night Fights : Black Mountain
Chernarus Boxing Tournament

where – Black Mountain
when- 1130 pm central time







Escort Scientist to Lab for Cure

Time is chosen at random for this event. Make sure you check
out the forum for event date and times.

1.Get me from Balota to Svetlojarsk (coastal highway only)
2.Participants have to tell me what to do i.e. hide, get
down, go into building etc.
3.Participants have to give me food and water (I am restricted from looting) 4.Participants can loot entire cities 5.I may carry a melee weapon (no guns)
6.Participants have three lives before disqualification
7.Participants may keep moving to the next city/town when one/many die. If the respawned participant isn’t back before the next town then all have to wait in that town till participant is present.
8.Participants have to work together
9.If I die participants have to meet me back in Balota and start over (participants will respawn with no
gear) 10.Participants cannot loose sight of me (if you have to ask where I am you are
11.If participants get me to Svetlojarsk there
can only be on winner. Participants will get 10 minutes to run and take up a position. I will give the go ahead to start death match.
12.If there is a tie the winnings are split between
the participants




Crimes and Trials

Crimes (server rule violations) that are committed can be reported in our teamspeak here or in the forum.  If there is a trial, the trials are held in Novodmitrovsk at City Hall on the Top floor lounge.

Crimes will be investigated and if there is enough evidence it will be presented to the judge for a warrant. The trial will have a set date and if you miss the court date you will be put in jail and a possible length of time is determined on a temporary ban from server.

If you want to be on the jury, meet an hour ahead of the time schedualed for court.